“Execute” Older people, if they’re honest, don’t have to fester if they’re called back.

“Execute” Deputy Prime Minister, mentioned the case of a late payment in several provinces that the Department of the Interior, the Department of Local Government and the Central Accounting Department are talking, but first they have to call, but when the call is done, they’re going to fix the order to pay off.

All this, admitting that the initiation process has to pay back first, but if it’s actually paid back, say, if there’s a settlement, there may not be a refund, but now it has to stop so there’s no next month’s payment.

The study said that the procedure would take a long time or not because he had to see how many cases there were, and each case was the same, and he had to talk to him, but I repeat, if an honest elderly person doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass, most of which is honest, however, the relevant agencies never did.The counselor was keeping an eye on the matter.

“Execute” COVID-19


A new outbreak.

Update & News & &

Infection graphs as well.All of it’s over.

8th grade, 64th grade.

Nine millimeters, 64.

10.64 meters.

Eleven to fourteen.C-64

15th grade, 64.

16th grade, 64.

17th grade, 64.

18th grade, 64.

19 A.M., 64.

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