French Putya-Tai’s wife arrested an assistant bank manager.

French Putya-Tai’s have reported a bank manager’s assistant as a fraud and a change in his account, losing tens of millions of dollars.

(2nd January, 64) A group of foreign victims and a large number of Thai wives went to meet with

the Warden of Magic. Commissioner Putya, after being swapped out by former assistant bank manager of one of Putya’s cities,

J. Shlaburi, some of whom have been duped into investing millions of dollars

has joined forces to claim justice after some foreign men have been plundered out of their accounts.

By the behavior of this assistant bank manager is when money is transferred from abroad to

the bank account that is.The name of a foreigner, this assistant bank manager, is responsible for carrying out an audit

and updating the account book, which is similar to the usual deposit made with a banker

so that a foreigner will receive a bankbook with a top-rated account transferred from a foreign country before it is known that

the money in the bank account is not available to question the bank, find the book and the deposit or transfer to be a forgery.That’s it.The battery’s gone.

Besides, some of the victims were tricked into investing by the same bank manager’s assistant under

the guise of getting paid.A high interest rate or interest rate, which foreigners see as a deposit

and such a person is a trusted assistant bank manager, as well as a bank transaction

so he decided to invest before losing a lot of money, which is worth tens of millions of won in damages.

On behalf of the P.O.I., the asset manager of Putya City Council revealed that the initial justice would be given to both foreign victims and the accused person, Mr. Right, Assistant Bank Manager.

In the meantime, the bank initially filed an arrest warrant against you, and in the case of theft

the suspect had brought in some account books that the bank had stopped using and had them destroyed, but…Suspects used by the authorities have been arrested and remanded to a special prison in Putya, and have objected bail.

D.O.A., asset manager Putya added that the other victims would have

the investigators investigate further and gather evidence if any of the charges were found guilty.Um, to proceed with the procedure of the law.

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