I had them shut down in the middle of town after five patients were found.

them mother city shut down the breaststroke market on Monday (1 January) only in the Tyetown, Bermatown

Chinese and Aragan areas, over 800 meters long, which is located in the mother city district.

In addition, 25 of these patients were found to be close to COVID 19 patients.

them While the maternal health team has fed the military, the mother city has infiltrated

the closed market area by ordering the stores that are open this evening to do an on-the-spot checkup, which has a medical nurse from the hospital prepping for a clean sweatshirt.

Reporters found out that after a test tent was set up, about 50 men came in for the quid test and were expected to test 300-500 men on Tuesday (2nd of January).

The paleontologist, the public health doctor, the eye, reported five patients who had previously been treated by a 75-year-old male medical staff

but later found four more infected and 19 related family members who had been

taken to a public quarantine facility provided by the State Department.The doctors in the area are in control.

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