Kowid today, Dr. Burt, in Thailand, found 187 more infected people, two dead.

Kowid today, Dr. Burt, in Thailand, found 187 more infected people, two dead.

Today (25:00 a.m.) at 11:30 a.m. Dr. Burt, Assistant Advisor to the Center for the Management of the Disorder of Coronary Disease 2019.

situation management center or the peace building.

The most recent outbreak of the 2019 (COVID-19) or Kovid-19 virus in Thailand today saw an increase in the number of new infections, patients confirmed 13,687 cases have disappeared, 10,662 patients have been treated in 2,950 more deaths, 75 more deaths.

The details of the two deaths are as follows:

74-year-old British men, 61-year-old, traveled from England to Thailand for 25 years,

and were held in detention for 29 years, with confirmed signs of infection, and then 30 years more exhaustion. In the respiratory tract, his condition continued to deteriorate, and his death on June 24, 1964.

The 75-year-old Thai woman, 56-year-old, oceanic, cerebral vascular disease, patients not in the high-risk areas, living at home, but having a husband who was exposed to the Thai seafood market 21 millennia later, had chest tightness, breathlessness, transport to the hospital, a doctor with a respiratory tube. Heart failure, paramedics, unresponsive patients and deaths, which the medical team suspected of having a history of exposure, collected samples of the results from the last 24 months of the C.M. test, found traces of cocaine.

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