Recorded “Poo” live live in a bunch of mob raids before they were cut.

“Poo” in the guise of Man, the headquarters are sending a warrant for the online gambling case to arrest “Potty” Kara, the live one, 10 minutes before the cut.

Earlier this morning, at 05:59 a.m., the Munman Police Force, concentrated its forces at the Technology Crime Prevention Center.The communiqué, the National Police Office, arrested the consul, Chuchanunt, or Yipo, on a joint criminal charge of organizing advertisements that encourage people to gamble online and conspire to gamble online.

While “Poo” had a live live feed through Facebook, Annot was reported arrested by the police, allowed to take pictures or videos.That’s before the live live is cut off.

For such a commercial building was converted into a green-coat factory, and police are currently searching inside the building, and the initial workforce has been taken over.More than 10 people were arrested before the health authorities coordinated a screening of the Kovid-19, before being interrogated by the Pest Control Department.

The chief of police will officially announce the details of the arrest again.

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