Specialists keep an eye on the border, defuse the situation in Mianmaru.

Specialists International labor experts warn Homeland Security to monitor the violence in Maine, resulting in more migrants.

You’re brilliant. You’re born as the liaison of an international population organization, revealing the I.N.N. News Agency’s situation.The Thai-Myanese border states that the main factor is the violent situation that the people of Myanmar are fighting against the seizure of power, which, if not controlled, will result in the Mian people sneaking across the Thai border, but will be more likely to be a labor force than a fugitive due to the economic situation and will result in the use of illegal means of entry and smuggling.

Because the Thai-Myanese border is now closed because of the COVID-19 Nineteen problem, which is expected to result in more illegal cross-border operations, then the Thai authorities must take good note of the situation in Myanmar, because if there is more force, there will be more illegal smuggling, but no matter how much protection there is, there will have to be some survival because of the border, some less influential areas of the population.So what we should do is make the crossing legal. But now admitting it’s pretty hard, it’s gonna take a long time.

Specialists an opinion on the matter

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