The bruised young captain found Klipp and his wife having an affair with…

This bruised (28 January 64) a police officer from one of the Buryum provinces filed a complaint in the media about 38-year-old N.A. behavior, his own beloved wife, who is currently the school principal of one of the Nungki J.

Buryum, who has been having an affair with another Buryum, who is now the head of

the school.Dining with his wife for 15 years, having two kids together

who had no idea his wife was cheating, everyone went to work. And his wife never showed any unusual behavior.

Until the bruised of the 27th of April

when my wife returned from work to see her cell phone playing with a strange and different phone,

I asked her to see if anyone’s phone, but her secret wife, could not see it, and when she stole

the phone, she couldn’t speak up when she saw the video and the text on the phone

that had been cut through her eyes.With the frog, who’s the head of the school, handshake photos, and a man-to-woman chat.

Thank you for coming to school.

Morning.A resort and dad went to school this afternoon, and when

they looked on their cell phones, they found that they had been wearing them for almost a year, and they were so sorry that they didn’t think their beloved and trusted wife could do that.

I don’t think both the headmaster of the school, the national print press

would do such an immoral thing to set an example to children or society, and that his future with his wife would be over because he couldn’t handle what happened.

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