The female convict was on drugs, escaped from the asylum, had a sedan pick up.

The female convict, who was an addict, escaped from a halfway house, had a sedentary escape

but was immediately apprehended by the authorities in the Quanjing district.

At approximately 3:00 p.m. today, there was a 35-year-old female convict who was convicted of drug abuse and escaped.He left

the hospital after he was transferred to the hospital this morning and took the opportunity to escape with a black Mitsubishi

who was a good black Mitsubishi, to pick him up and take him off the highway.

However, the last time the City Police Department coordinated the police in a nearby area where

the unsub was supposed to be on an escape route, you…The task of apprehending an unidentified female prisoner in a certain area of the mouth of the Quanjing District Police Department is now in hand.

It’s supposed to be a runaway home in the elephant port area, some sort of garrison, which is a connected area

but only partially captured.The sedan has fled while the Quanjiang Police Department is in the process of recording

the arrest and investigation of the fugitive and coordinating with the correctional services to pick him up.

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