The government ordered a local brake to buy the vaccine, blew the chance.

The Secretary government, the Mayor of the Congregational District, the Wormwood County, revealed the I.N.N. 19 news agency to the Department of the Interior, had a book written to the Director of the Department of Local Governance, and sent a book to the government across the country to inform the local authorities that the purchase had not been made in the first place.The locals must obey.

But personally, it’s a shame for the people of the leopards to waste more time on vaccinations, so the economic recovery in the area hasn’t yet begun, because the economy of the leopards, the main engine, is tourism, and now the economy of leopards is very bad, quiet, everyone’s waiting for a great vaccine, and the city is celebrating.Almost 20,000 people.I’d like the state to take care of the locals.

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