The state released the results of the COVID-19, Cluster DJ-matome.

The Department of Disease Control said the progress of the DJ-matome attack filter could be detected by high-risk groups

resulting in an increase from 19 to 24 infections.

DJ-matome 23 male, one female, 20-49 year old, 19 male, 80% thought to be symptomatic

with the obvious symptom of “I,” 53% thought to be “I,” 33% thought to be neck-fever, 33% nosebleed, 32% nose odorless, 28%, this cluster found its first patient on June 11, 64 and will follow the patient through.Fourteen days round.

For the outbreak in Bangkok, where 721 people collected the highest number of infections in the region

some 130 candles, some 29 goldsmiths, some 28, some 27 tax dollars, 22 tax dollars, most of which were caused by close contact with previous patients, necessitating preventive measures.

Chowtong added that the country’s situation was stable this week

while the ocean region’s penetration screening carpet showed a massive increase in the number of infections

and this week there was a higher chance of finding infected people than

the previous week with 1,622 because in the past three days, there have been more infected people than 1,344 that

the state does not want to prevent.The infected must be locked down to affect the economic drive, but in a controlled situation.

Meanwhile, in the past seven days, an infected person has been found in 8 months

down from 24 months last week, and there has been no infected person in the last seven days, 46 months, 14 months, with two out of three infected people aged between 25 and 49 years, thought to be 62% and related to cluster in 65.Two out of three.

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