Turn it on, the chief pulled a gun on the flagpole before the distress call.

chief In the event of an incident at a school located in the municipal district of Tepa A.Tepa, the 60-year-old school principal was relieved of

the button on his suit and pulled out a handgun in his waist

shocking the school’s students as well as the teachers.

Most recently, the dragon-loving director of the District 16 of the Higher Education Area said that

this had been a long time coming when there was talk of behavior between the school principal and a high school

girl and during the last night, the chief called to tell us about the incident, which he was on a mission at J. Stool.

Well, the chief says it’s like saying good-bye

but one tells him to focus, and every problem has its way out

so let’s take the right approach, and short-sightedness is also religiously wrong. Now

an order has been issued for the Director to move to the administration before the District Office of the

High School Education Area, District 16, to set up a committee to investigate what happened and proceed with the next steps.

On the other hand, the mother of a high school kid told me that, from talking to her daughter

there was a deep relationship with this director, and several times, one of them happened at the principal’s home where

the relationship started earlier in the year, and the daughter said she liked the principal because of her closeness, and the principal gave money to her.

Yesterday, one entered the school talking to this principal to question the facts, but

the principal always denied having sex with her daughter, and went to the meeting in order to make

the principal show responsibility by resigning from being the principal and leaving

the area only, not wanting to claim any money or damages, but the chief refused to accept.

So one has to go to court to the end without giving a ruling, and the daughter is now suspended because of mental illness.

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