You know, the place is full of jealousy, cheating women, shooting down houses

I’ve know shooting my wife and four-year-old stepdaughter in front of her mother and stepdaughter, who’s been married for less than four months.

Reporter reports that yesterday night, 15 p.m., at 8:00 p.m., people showed up, Deputy Inspector of the Council of Ministers, Sergeant Burrough.Mei was reported to have been shot dead in a 7th century C. Trampoli house, two and a half floors in half a block of wood, the crime scene was downstairs in front of the TV, found dead 23-year-old N.S.A., lying on his back in a bloodbath.

According to preliminary examination, the body was shot through know ribs, and four rounds in total were found in a 19-gauge shell casket. Nine millimeters across the four crime scenes, so the police kept it as evidence.

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